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A Unit of Two United

by Patsy Rahn


I see you, human!
How did you get here
Why aren’t you wearing a space suit,
Woman, you can’t possibly be standing
before me,
or are you floating?
Your image flickers, is filtered
through with star light,
perhaps you are a dream,
a butterfly dreaming a woman.

You see me in my outer wear
but can’t know that inside
this suit I am the metamorphoses...

A Step for Two Legs
The Venue Fine Art-2019

2019 Ekphrasis show at the Venue Fine Art, discussion session with poet Patsy Rahn.

Florence, Found

by Julia Karr


Dear Artist,
Yes, I read the interview.
You said your piece represented Florence,
the place. Not Florence, a girl,
a female, a woman.
I have to tell you, that won’t work.
You created it, and know what it is to you.
But, it is out in the world now
being so many things to so many
people. And, I am one...

Finding Florence
The Venue Fine Art-2016

2016 Ekphrasis Show at the Venue Fine Art with poet Julia Karr discussing her impressions of "Finding Florence" and how it inspired her poem, "Florence Found".