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Recycle, Reuse, Retask: Green Art - Materials Take on New Life

The use of alternative materials has been an imbedded element of my art-making process for many years. I choose objects and materials for their visual properties, and for their specific ability to contribute to a composition through their inherent symbolic strength. Resulting in a 'Green' of many colors.

The Core

Recently, the act of reimagining and reusing materials has assumed a more personal focus. I have been working with the humble artist’s materials which are used every day in the process and production of art.  Core 001-002 graphically displays my personal history of art production with its “pigmentological layering” of both discarded, and collected paint from over a period of four years.  This core sample celebrates the creative stratigraphy of that period in a geological fashion.

The Beret

Many of my signature berets have succumbed to the ravages of time and have been retired, but not discarded. In the Impermeables series, these retired berets have been resurrected, and retasked as canvases.  The painting of these beret-canvases starkly contrasts the immediacy of the broad strokes of paint with the idiosyncrasies due to long term wear.  One of these stalwart friends was actually blown from my head and run over by a tractor trailer doing 80 on Interstate 70.  I retrieved it, and this beret is now a piece of my art history.

The Fabric

The traditional preparation of prayer flags in Tibet involves the inscribing of spiritual messages upon pieces of cloth. In the form of Artist’s Prayer Flags, that devotional act is repeated, and then recorded every day in the artist’s studio. In a ritual of cleansing, as necessary an act as clearing the artist’s mindscape in preparation for continued activity; these cloths embody all that came before and after the willing canvas accepted its new life. By following the ancient tradition of joining these cloths in strings, I acknowledge and honor the messages they carry from their contribution to the creative process.

The News

In my world, old Art in America and Art News magazines are not trash; they are a resource to be recycled and transformed! The idea of creating art from a source material comprising the journalism of current art events, news and advertising has a certain ironic appeal to me. It seems unfortunate to me that the Greeks did not include representatives for painting and sculpture in their pantheon of muses. Thus from Clio was born The Tenth Muse to help rectify that oversight.