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Transformations as Art: ABSTRACT THOUGHT

Wall Sculpture/Paintings examine the Inner & Outer Worlds of Perception...


Change is a function of living, indicating exploration and growth. Conceptually, my engagement with art is as an evolving study of how we view ourselves, and our world. These works represent contradictory environments full of hopes, dreams, foibles, history, passion and joy. Their visions are as affirming and enticing as the knowledge that the next brush stroke will be a distinct singular expression. Through the creation process, I am always striving to challenge my habits of perception, allowing the inevitability of change to enable discovery.


Influences have been many, but the foundational shapes at the core of these wall sculptures have been most informed by such masters as Moore, Hepworth, and Noguchi. The influences on the painting are not so readily traced. Although I’ve found resonance with a diverse range of painters – from Noland and Dine, to Twombly and Tworkov – the real alchemy involved is a coalescence of abstract techniques fused with these complex, archetypal forms.


These wall sculptures deliver us from the convention of placing our imagery within frames. Our mind, and the world it inhabits is amorphous; it is simply not square. The curvilinear shapes of these pieces embody the action of life and are catalysts to activate their surroundings.
My approach is organic, sensuous, and conceptual, inviting viewers to get intimately involved with the visual experience. Within each work, changes of shape and texture reflect the dynamic nature of our internal realities, and of the external environment. As such, these evocative forms pay homage not only to the vibrant living world that we inhabit, but to the world that we have overtly made – from the soft roundness of a leg, to the sexy, angular flair of an airplane wing.