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The Tenth Muse
assembly 1The Tenth Muse: Assembly in progress.Assembly 2

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Recycles Art Journalism

While considering alternative sculpture materials, I stumbled upon my stacks of art magazines which I had been urged to dispose of.  Why add unnecessarily to our recycling burden, I asked.  These are a resource, and when taking into account the subscription cost, let alone cover price, are considerably more costly than limestone.  It is hard to conjue up an image of how many tons of magazines are printed every month.  Although I only had ten years worth, it made  a good sized stack of paper.  The idea of creating art from a material comprising the current events of arts’ news and advertising has a certain ironic appeal to me.  This comes following the previous small sculptures I had been doing in AAC concrete, and seemed fitting with my desire to do a larger figure sculpture.  Here, I must say that it is unfortunate that the Greeks had not included representatives for painting and sculpture in their pantheon of muses.  Thus from Clio was born The Tenth Muse to help rectify that oversight. The Tenth Muse is comprised of 116 issues (approximately 10 years) of 'Art in America' and 'Art News' magazines. See Folio 2 for more examples of "green" art and art based upon the reuse of artist's materials.